Our Approach

Our Approach

At Turning Point Counseling Services, LLC we are committed to serving the needs of our clients. In serving all ages and groups of people, our therapists are committed to your mental and emotional health and well being. We are here to assist you with the time and attention needed to gain strength, improve relationships, grow and develop, learn new skills and work towards accomplishing goals.

Our therapists have many years of experience and training, and come with strong skill sets. We are here to serve our clients with a wide range of issues and experiences. We are passionate about life, growth and development, and our work with our clients.

We specialize in many areas including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, relationships, sex addictions/substance addictions, self esteem, grief/loss, self improvement and much more. We are able to meet a variety of clients' needs, ranging from a desire to talk and have support, to learning coping strategies and new skills, to decision making and working through deep complex issues. We can help to enhance your life and your relationships. We desire to meet your needs and goals.

We believe that therapy can be the "turning point" for which change and growth either begin or are enhanced. We believe that therapy can make it possible for individuals, couples, families and groups to gain a measure of hope, healing, perspective, strength, and growth. We invite you to contact us and start your journey!

Our Therapist

  • Tiffanie Williams MSW, LCSW

Location Details

1505 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314