Stay Connected to the Ones You Love

Family and relationship counseling in Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Are you in a difficult situation with a loved one? Do you want a better relationship with your partner or family member? Turning Point Counseling Services can help you. We work with couples, spouses, parents, children and other loved ones. We can help you work through your relationship problems. Contact our office in Alexandria, VA today to schedule a time for relationship counseling.

When should you seek relationship or couples counseling?

Every relationship has its ups and downs - but there comes a time when you should stop and take a minute to consider counseling. Call Turning Point Counseling Services if you are dealing with:
  • Sex/Intimacy issues
  • Communication barriers
  • Parenting differences
  • Political differences
  • Trust/Infidelity issues
  • Tension/Conflict
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Addictive behaviors
Your relationship may have problems, but you can try to work through them. Whether you're having trouble with your partner or a family member, call Turning Point Counseling Services for guided counseling.