Find Better Ways to Cope With Your Sudden Loss

Grief or loss counseling in Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Sadness. Anger. Confusion. Guilt. Your sudden loss or life changing experience is an emotional rollercoaster. While it feels like there's no relief in sight, there's someone ready to help you step out of the darkness and find clarity.

Turning Point Counseling Services can guide you and help you cope with your loss or life altering experience. Everyone's experience of grief is different. You can receive tailored treatment from a compassionate counselor. Call our grief counselor in Alexandria or Northern Virginia today for support.

Get the support you need during this painful and confusing time

Get the support you need during this painful and confusing time

Whether you’ve lost someone or suffered through some other traumatic experience like unemployment, empty nest, retirement, breakups and divorce, medical issues, and much more- we can help you:

  • Learn to cope with distressing thoughts through relaxation
  • Learn to live with the new normal
  • Understand the stages and effects of grief and loss
  • Learn coping strategies and build a support system

Find comfort and healing at Turning Point Counseling Services. We can support you during this challenging and confusing time. There is no set timetable for your recovery. Take as much time as you need to heal. Call us today for therapy in Alexandria and Northern Virginia.