Take Control of Your Mental Health

Anxiety and depression counseling in Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Anxiety and depression are burdensome mental health disorders. They often go hand in hand. You don't have to live a life with anxiety or depression. You should seek counseling if you are:
  • Scared to make everyday decisions
  • Caught up in negative thoughts
  • Feeling self-destructive with your behavior

Hope and happiness await you at Turning Point Counseling Services. We provide depression counseling and anxiety therapy in Alexandria and Northern Virginia. You are not alone in your fight. You don't have to live a life with these burdensome thoughts and feelings. Call us today to start on a road toward a better, brighter future.

How can you gain mental health well-being with therapy?

Turning Point Counseling Services is committed to your mental and emotional well-being. We can:
  • Determine the best therapy method for your treatment
  • Teach you different coping mechanisms for everyday anxieties
  • Help you recognize your strengths and capacity for change
Don't feel ashamed of your thoughts and feelings. Take the first step to aid your mental well-being. There's a life out there for you without fear and overwhelming sadness. Get treatment at Turning Point Counseling Services today. We offer therapy services in Alexandria and Northern Virginia.