Turning Point Counseling Services has been helpful to me and my family. Several members of our family have been to the practice and have been helped. They are kind, understanding, skilled, and effective. Thank you!


My husband and I saw Tiffanie. She was able to help us learn new skills for communication, conflict resolution, and relationship enhancement. We are happier than we have been in years.


I was able to work through depression and anxiety issues with Tiffanie. She helped me with triggers, patterns, coping strategies, support systems, healthy thinking patterns, and much more. I feel like I have the strategies to deal with any possible future occurrences. This has been so helpful.

~ Anonymous

TPCS was instrumental in my kids dealing with the divorce of their mother and I. They provided a safe place for the kids to be able to talk, cry, get angry and confused.

~ Dave

I have been able to work on self improvement and self esteem through counseling with Tiffanie. I have seen the positive impacts of this on my work, home, family, relationships, etc.

~ Amy

Thank you Tiffanie! I am a different person now- my best self! I am comfortable with my ability to deal with the anxiety.

~ Julie

My fiancee and I benefited from the premarital sessions. Thanks for helping us talk through common relationship issues as well as ones that were specific for us. We enjoyed the work we did and feel our relationship has benefited.

~ John

Thanks for helping us work through the pain and issues after infidelity. We never thought we would get through this and save our relationship. We are now talking, resolving conflict, working on trust, and more. We feel hopeful that our relationship can recover.

~ J and A

Depression has plagued me my whole life. Although it was painful to work on my issues, I feel a lift of the depression and the ability to manage it in the future.

~ Rosa

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